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Make a Dollhouse Hat Cake With Roses From Polymer Clay


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Make A Hat Shaped Dollhouse Cake Decorated With Roses
A dolls house scale cake shaped like  hat and decorated with delicate roses.

A 1:12 scale dolls house cake shaped like a hat and decorated with delicate polymer clay roses and rosebuds

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This polymer clay cake for the dolls house is made in the shape of a hat and decorated with delicate roses. Decorations like these make this a great project for Easter or Mother's Day. The cake and decorations are easy to make and if you add a magnet to the bottom of the cake, you can use them for fridge magnets instead of in the dolls house. Making the roses this fine requires a bit of practise, but if you have difficulty working with very fine miniatures, you can make the rose petals thicker. They are supposed to be made of icing!

The techniques used in this miniature can be applied to lots of other miniature food decorations,using different colors of polymer clay.

This little dollhouse cake is made from two different sized disks of clay, covered with a thin layer of marzipan icing and decorated with a band of ribbon and a cluster of roses. The cake shape lends itself to all kinds of color combinations and designs. A single flower (like the rose) is an easy way to create a great effect on a small miniature.

You can cut pieces of the cake either before or after it is baked and texture them with a pin to create a crumb texture. As this cake is designed to be admired for it's flowers, it probably isn't one you need to have pieces of. Pieces are better to show off fillings, or layers of fancy interiors.

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