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PanPastel Artists Chalk Pastels

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A round flat pan of Panpastel artist's chalk pastels, along with a set of Sofft sponge tools.

Panpastel Artists Chalk Pastels and Sofft Tools

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The Bottom Line

PanPastels are a wonderful new range of chalk pastels for artists which have all kinds of craft possibilities. Unlike normal artists pastels, these are sold in solid circular pans, much like the chalks for scrapbook enthusiasts. Applied by sponge, brush (or hand) these are very finely ground pastels, without the dust and grittiness of some chalk pastels. They can be applied and blended like paint. The special sponge Sofft applicators designed to work with these pastels make large applications easy, even on rough surfaces. They bake without discoloration on polymer clays and can be sealed with regular fixatives.


  • Artists range of chalk pastels in colors, tints and shades.
  • Colors can be used directly from container, no powdering necessary
  • Colors blend beautifully, allowing for detailed weathering effects
  • Very low dust, hold well on polymer clay and most other surfaces
  • Applied with fine sponges, erasable


  • Not widely distributed, check your art store or the internet


  • Great range of clear colors in an easy to use and store format. Available as sets or singles.
  • Wide range of application tools help create special effects
  • Little dust, easy to clean up, easy to use.
  • Good lightfastness, fully erasable
  • Colors can be mixed and blended like artists paints for a full range of effect.

Guide Review - PanPastel Artists Chalk Pastels

I am not a lover of chalk. Although I use scrapbook and modelling chalk for detailing and weathering, I find them messy with limited color ranges. Artist's quality chalk pastel sticks are better, but still create dust problems and must be rubbed onto paper to blend.

PanPastels eliminate many of the problems I have found with pastels and scrapbooking chalks. The very fine, soft powders of PanPastels can be mixed and blended on the page, or surface you want to color. They have a dense pigment ratio, which means deep color layers are easy to apply and they can be used in heavy or thin layers without excessive dust. As this is an artist's range, it comes in standard colors, which will not shift with fashion. The range is widened by having a shade for each color (color plus black) and a corresponding tint (color plus white).

PanPastels are also easy to store and transport, as the clear, make-up style cases attach to each other to form a custom stack. Currently, PanPastel single colors are being sold with a free set of Sofft tool sponge applicators.

Uses for Miniaturists

PanPastels are easily used on polymer clay, to add varied color densities and washes (creating crusts on bread for example). They are used by some model horse enthusiasts to create detailed color coats with highly defined shading, without the build-up caused by paint. Earth tones are useful for detailing mud and dirt on scale railroad, gaming, and vehicle models, and a range of colors will add weathering, lichen and moss effects to model buildings. As PanPastels can be applied in easily blended coats over wide areas, they are good for creating rock and water effects in model scenes, or to create backdrops for scenery.

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