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Mr. Base White 1000 Lacquer Primer for Miniatures and Models

Mr. Base White 1000 - Lacquer Based Base Coat Which Won't Obscure Details

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Bottle of Mr. Base White 1000 base coat for models and miniatures made of resin, plastic and metal.

Mr. Base White 1000 primer for miniatures and models part of Mr. Hobby Line by Gunze Sangyo

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd
Miniatures and models often have fine details and lines which need to be left clear after a finish paint coat. Unfortunately, most miniatures and models are made of plastic, resin, or metal, which does not hold paint securely. Properly applied, a thin basecoat will create an even hard surface that sticks to the model without obscuring tiny details, yet holds a range of paints in place preventing excessive wear, flaking or crazing.

Filling Primer for Quality Base Coats On a Range of Miniature Surfaces

Gunze Sangyo of Japan have a number of paints and finishes designed for use on plastic, metal and resin models, dolls and miniatures. The products are all part of their "Mr. Hobby" line sold for character, vehicle and airplane modellers, but also used by ball joint doll makers and model horse painters, or anyone else who needs fine coats of white primer to hold paint topcoats securely to resin, plastic, or metal.

Mr Base White 1000 is the white basecoat or primer paint / fine surfacer of the Mr. Hobby line, available in a brush or air-brushable liquid, or as a spray on primer in cans. The 1000 signifies the particle size in the Mr. Hobby line, with 1000 being a mid level coating. (Mr. Surfacer, a primer coating, is thinner than Mr. Base White, with a grey finish that makes it easy to see imperfections in the finish when you sand it back. Mr. Surfacer is available in 500, 1000, and 1200 level finishes, with 1200 having the finest particle size). Due to the fine particle size of Mr. Base White 1000, the paint can be applied via air brush, or brushed on with fine disposable brushes (microbrush) or paint brushes. The paint will clean up with lacquer thinner.

Mr. Base White 1000 is a fairly thick lacquer based paint with the consistency of cream. It can be thinned with nail polish remover (acetone) although it is best thinned with lacquer thinner, or Gunze Sanyo's Mr. Color Thinner


The pigment level in Mr. Base White is very high, so even thin layers of the fine pigmented white will thoroughly cover dark plastic or metal, leaving a thin bright white base coat which allows clearer tones of final paint coats and which does not fill or cover fine detail on miniatures and models. The pigment level means you can use Mr. Base White 1000 unthinned as a fine filler over seams and blends of materials (epoxy over paint for example on plastic or resin model horses, dolls or model vehicles.) As Mr. Base White 1000 is a lacquer based paint, it hardens to a very tough surface, that can be sanded and polished with automotive sanding pads (micro Mesh Sanding Pads) to a very smooth glossy layer which can be left as a gloss white that will not yellow with age.

Mr. Base White 1000 is available in 40 ml. jars or 180 ml.spray cans. As it is a lacquer, there are often shipping restrictions on the spray can formulation, and the jars are easier to find.

Note:Lacquer based products must be handled safely or they can create respiratory problems. Mr. Base White should only be used by adults in a well ventilated area, while wearing a proper respirator mask.

Why Use a Base Coat On Miniatures?

Mr. Base White applied to plastic car model showing opacity and filling ability.

Mr. Base White brush painted on blue plastic model. Photo left shows surface scratches in the plastic. Right shows Mr. Base White brushed thinly on the surface (note opacity). Center section shows the base coat sanded away and left to fill fine scratches.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

Basecoats are important on miniatures and models as paints do not adhere well to resin, plastic, or metal surfaces. To extend the life of a model and avoid problems with paint coats cracking or wearing, a good base coat should always be applied. The lacquer coating created by Mr. Base White 1000 has the advantage of drying quickly, filling small gaps or scratches, and leaving a tough, hard to chip surface which has enough "tooth" to secure top coated paint layers of lacquer, acrylic, oil or enamel paints. White primers have the advantage of allowing the creation of bright topcoat layers, as colored paints are usually not completely opaque so some of the base coat will show through and affect the top color.

Mr. Base White 1000 is used primarily as a base coat where a dark base of black, dark grey, dark brown, or red, needs to be coated over. With it's high count pigment it will overcoat dark colors and leave a bright white finish ideal for applying lighter coats. It flows on easily, even if applied by brush, leaving a thin hard coating which will not react with enamel, oil, or acrylic paints, and which adheres well to clean dry plastic, resin, and metal surfaces.

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