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Paint Technique for a Faux Marble Finish in Miniature


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Use a Feather to Apply Thin Faux Marble Veins
Applying marble veins to a miniature faux marble finish using the edge of a feather.

The edge of a feather is dipped in paint plus glaze and dragged diagonally across the surface of a faux marble finish to create characteristic marble veins.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

To apply the distinctive vein lines that are so much a part of the characteristics of most marble, you can use the edge of a feather or a fine liner paint brush. Dip your feather or brush lightly into your high contrast glaze (mine is almost black)and then wipe off most of the glaze on a piece of paper towel. Draw the edge of your feather gently across your surface, pulling fine lines diagonally across your marble. The feather 'bounces' as you use it, leaving realisitic gaps in the fine veins. Waggle the feather as you pull it through the paint to make the vein lines wider and narrower in places. If you use a brush, make sure your veins are tiny, and slightly irregular, with a few gaps in the paint.

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