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Paint a Faux Granite Finish in Miniature or Full Scale Using Basic Supplies


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Applying a Final Finish To Your Faux Granite
An enlarged view of roughly one square inch of a faux granite painted finish in 1:12 dollhouse scale

An enlarged view of roughly one square inch of a faux granite painted finish on a dolls house countertop.

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When your faux granite has all the flecks, steaks and colors that you want to see, it is time to apply the top coats to finish and protect it. You will likely need to apply several thin layers of acrylic varnish as a top coat, taking care to allow the top coats to dry thoroughly, then sanding them lightly with 220 to 240 grit sandpaper on a sanding block , wiping the surface with a tack cloth to remove dust, and reapplying another layer of top coat. You must build the top coats up gradually to fill in any differences between the paint layers.

For the top coats on my dolls house counter top, I used an artists gloss acrylic varnish, and applied and sanded four coats of finish before the top coat was level. If you prefer a satin finish, use a satin or semi matte varnish. Use a sanding block when sanding down the top coats, and take care not to sand the edges of your piece or you may end up with lines of the base coat visible on the edge. If necessary, you can re-apply glaze or fleck layers between top coats to add detail, but this will create uneven coats which will require more finish layers to level.

To create a 'honed' finish, dull your final coat of finish slightly by rubbing it gently with a small amount of toothpaste or rottenstone powder on a rag. For a final gloss finish, sand the final coat lightly, then apply a layer of regular furniture wax.

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