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Paint a Faux Granite Finish in Miniature or Full Scale Using Basic Supplies


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Start Painting the Base Coat and Pattern for Your Particular Faux Granite
Deep chocolate and white acrylic paint base on a dolls house counter top for a faux granite effect

Deep chocolate and white acrylic paints on a dolls house counter top are the first steps in the faux granite paint technique.

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Choose the Main Paint Color For Your Faux Granite Surface

Check reference photos or pieces of actual stone to determine the main colors and crystals or mineral flecks that make your particular granite. Look for colors which run through the entire sample. It is best to use colors which show as thin veins or lines as the base coat. This allows you to build up or 'float' blocks of other color on top of the base, leaving thin sections visible. Any flecks or specks of shiny mica in the granite can be created with finishes above the base layers.

Paint Colors I Used

Brushes - I used a soft flat watercolor brush to apply flat coats and glaze layers, a round wooden toothpick and a pin to apply grain lines, a toothbrush to apply flecks and stippling, a cotton bud to apply iridescent medium and mica pigments mixed with glaze. You could also use a fine grained sea sponge to apply dabs of iridescent medium.

My granite counter in 1:12 scale is based on a deep brown granite with red/brown and small amounts of black and cream. To make it I start with a simple base coat of deep chocolate brown acrylic paint, applied as smoothly as possible to a piece of wood which has been sanded lightly to remove any marks.

When the base coat is dry, I used a toothpick with a tiny amount of white paint on it and rolled it lightly over the brown base coat to set some light areas into the base of my granite layers. If you need very delicate lines, you can also brush them in place with a fine brush, or draw a brush or feather through thin lines of acrylic laid on the base coat. It really doesn't matter what these lines look like as they will be covered by successive layers of glaze before the faux granite is completed. You just need to add some of the colors found in your granite into the base coat to start the pattern.

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