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Paint a Faux Granite Finish in Miniature or Full Scale Using Basic Supplies


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Simple Techniques To Paint Realistic Granite Finishes In a Variety of Scales
Big box store dollhouse wooden counter with a painted faux granite top.

Big box store dolls house wooden counter with a painted faux granite top using techniques from a miniature tutorial on miniatures.about.com

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Paint faux granite finishes for a range of colors and scales using simple paint techniques with basic paint materials and techniques. The sample shown here is in 1:12 scale for a dolls house sideboard, made from a piece of inexpensive big box store dollhouse furniture, but the same simple painted finish can be used on full scale counters, furniture, or decorative items (bookend or lamp bases for example) where you want the appearance of granite but not the cost. You can mimic anything from the basic black and white flecked granites, to the highly figured 'granite' from South American and Europe used for counters and floors.

To make the finish here I used acrylic paints, and tube watercolor paints as tints for acrylic glazes. You can also use oil or enamel paints if you wish, but the process will take much longer as the paint must dry thoroughly between coats. You will need paints in the colors of the granite you choose to imitate. A wide range of granite patterns can be found online at Granite Photos.com or several other websites. These photos are a good guide to the characteristic colors and patterns found in standard granite types. Before you start, decide whether you want your granite finish to resemble polished, satin, or honed granite. Polished granite has a highly reflective surface (like the sample above) Satin finish granite has a slightly reflective surface, and honed granite is a flat, matte finish.

As with any faux finish technique, you will become better with practise. You can start on a scrap piece of craft wood, or with a sheet of smooth card. The card can always be cut into tiles for scale miniature projects if you wish. As you work on your sample granite finish, consider the shapes, lines and crystal patterns you see in the stone you want to mimic. You will achieve a more realistic result by using several layers of paint as discussed in this tutorial than you will if you try to mimic a granite stone with only one or two layers.

Faux stone finishes, including granite, have been used for a very long time. Many pieces of antique furniture have highly figured painted granites and marbles painted over less expensive stone tops. This is a technique that can be used over and over when building scale miniatures, or creating decorative pieces for your home.

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