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Vintage Valentines and Dolls House Printable Valentines in Several Scales.


These vintage valentine postcards date from the early 1900's and include some comic versions. Most of the cards in this gallery were sent to the same young girl, between 1909 and 1911. One sample was sent by a boy to a male friend. The early 1900's was the heyday of postcards and they were often kept in scrapbooks.
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Printable Victorian and Edwardian design valentine postcards in three dolls house scales.Victorian and Edwardian Valentine Postcards in Three Dolls House ScalesValentine with a cupid in a large heart, set on a backdrop of gold ribbon, azaleas and spider webs.German Cards with Cherubs and SpiderwebsCupids collect hearts from a fishing net in this vintage German Valentine postcard.German Card With Cherubs Netting HeartsTwo cupids with wings pull and push a wagon full of hearts in this vintage German valentine postcardPostcards from Saxony
Vintage Valentine features Cupid chasing a pair of doves awy from a spilled basket of forget me notsCherubs with DovesA gilded butterfly above a lace heart with pansies on a vintage 1911 valentine postcard.Embossed and Gilded ButterfliesCupid presents a spray of Lily of the Valley in this Valentine's postcard from 1908The Language of Flowers and LovePair of Children in a heart with side illustrations of petunias sent to a young girl in 1907.Petunias to Soothe
Silvered and embossed valentine featuring a heart full of pansies, postmarked 1911Pansies or Heart's EaseTwo girls and a boy reach for a butterfly in a stylized valentine from the early 1900's.Decorative DrawingsRebus puzzle Valentine from 1910 featuring Pots and Pans made by Raphael Tuck and Sons.Comic Rebus ValentinesComic Valentine of a Man's Dreams postmarked 1910.Comic Valentines For Men
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