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Online Price Guides

Online Price Guides, Past Auction Prices and other information to help you determine the value of your miniatures.

Vintage Valentines and Dolls House Printable Valentines
Vintage collectible early 1900's valentine postcards and a printable sheet of the postcards in dolls house scales.

Gallery of Vintage Thanksgiving Collectible Postcards
Gallery of Vintage Thanksgiving Collectible Postcards

Gallery of Vintage Christmas Cards and Postcards
Gallery of vintage Christmas collectible postcards and cards

Gallery of Collectible Miniature and Dollhouse Tea Pots & Tea Sets
Gallery of collectible miniature and dollhouse tea sets and teapots.

Price Guide for Collectible Miniature Baskets
This gallery features a wide range of miniature baskets, from inexpensive dollhouse props, to featured North American treasures.

Dinky Toy Collectibles
A photo gallery of Meccano Dinky Toy collectibles with price guides.

Collector's Guide to Miniature Food Related Items
Miniature food samples, packaging, dispensers, and toys are widely collected. Here are seven types of miniature food collectibles to watch for.

Kovel's Antiques and Collectibles Price Guide
Kovel's have a searchable database of a wide variety of antiques and collectibles. You must register but you have access to a huge range of information.

Hake's Online Auctions of Collectibles and Americana
Online Auction Site with price listings for various types of collectibles and Americana

Duckman's Walt Disney Classics Price Guides
Online site with price guides, devoted to Disney Classics Collection figurines.

Bath Antiques Online Price Guide
Antique price information from Bath Antiques online.

Micro Machine Reference Guide
When I last checked there were reference to 6199 micro machines on this site. Great reference to find out information about your collection

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