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How to Blend Colors From Basic Primary Shades of Polymer Clay


This gallery is set up to show you how to blend basic colors of polymer clay into realistic colors for the many polymer clay miniatures and dolls house miniature projects on this site. Some ranges of polymer clay have limited numbers of realistic colors for creating dolls house and scale miniatures. With a bit of practise in color blending, you can learn to make your own mixes for creating miniature food and household objects, as well as figures, dolls, clothing and a limitless range of other items.

You can choose to start with the basic blends to build a palette of colors from 4 to five basic colors, or pick a specific material or color blend from the list below. As the list of polymer clay projects on the site builds, so will this list of color blends.

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Polymer clay amounts measured using  a polymer clay template.Basic Primary Colors For BlendsVarious blends of brown polymer clay for dollhouse food made by blending red, yellow and blue.Mixing Poly Clay Colors Together To Make Shades of BrownGreen, purple and orange blends mixed from primary colors of polymer clay.Mixing Green, Orange and Purple from Primary Polymer Clay ColorsWhite, translucent, ochre, and tiny amounts of red polymer clay used to make miniature bread doughBasic Polymer Clay Mixes That Resemble Dough or Pastry
Colors of polymer clay used to make dolls house scale purple onions.Mixing Translucent Colors for Contrasting BandsPolymer clay colors used to make lemon pith, sections and skin for dollhouse scale lemon canes.Three Blends Needed to Make Citrus Canes
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