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Model Horses Tack Making Books, Kits and Supplies

Resources for Horse Model Tack Making to Make Saddles, Bridles for Breyers


Model horse collectors interested in making tack for their Breyers, Peter Stone model horses and other model horses often wonder where to find the resources they need for leather, bits, stirrups and more that are in the proper scale and proportion for their horse models. Several hobby websites offer leather, leather making supplies, cast metal stirrups and buckles, books and tack making kits to help beginners create their own model horse tack. Here's a roundup of the hobby's best-known tack making supply sites and kits for beginners.

1. Tack Making Kits for Beginners from Melody Snow, Unicorn Woman Tack

Copyright 2011 by Jeanne Grunert. Used with permissoin.

Melody Snow's tack making kits were some of the first offered to hobbyists. Selling under the name brand "Unicorn Woman Tack," she offers kits for Traditional and Classic scale Breyer model horses. The kits include detailed instructions and all the leather and hardware needed to complete the kit. It's important to read the description of each kit and Melody's assessment of the skill required to complete the kit before ordering. Some tack kits are better for beginners to try than others. She offers Arabian tack kits plus English and Western saddle, bridle and halter kits.

2. Rio Rondo Enterprises, Tack Making Kits and Supplies for the Model Horse Hobby

Western parade bridle
Copyright 2011 by Jeanne Grunert. Used with permission.

Carol Williams is well-known model horse hobby sculptor and artist and the owner of Rio Rondo Enterprises. She sells a wide variety of tack making kits and supplies on her website. Supplies include leathers, both dyed and undyed, buckles, scale stirrups and bits, and much more. She also sells kits which include all the materials (except glue) that you will need to finish a project. English and Western tack making kits are available in both Breyer Traditional and Classic scale.

3. Tack Making Books by Carrie Olquin-Make Breyer Model Horse Tack

cover of western saddle book
Copyright 2011 by Jeanne Grunert. Used with permission.

Carrie R. Olguin has written a great series of how-to books to show beginners how to make all types of model horse tack. From saddle trees to full Arabian horse costumes, Carrie's guidebooks show you in simple step-by-step instructions how to craft each piece of tack for model horses. The books are spiral bound and include reproducible leather patterns to trace the pieces needed. The patterns are made in Breyer Traditional scale, but you can shrink them on a copy machine to make Classic and even Stablemate scale tack. The spiral bound books are printed of heavy duty materials that withstand frequently handling, which is a great asset in craft books.

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