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How to Make Ground Poles or Jumping Rails for Breyer Model Horses


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Using Ground Rails and Jumping Poles in Model Horse Show Photos and Scenes
Breyer model horse walking over ground poles

A vintage Breyer Foundation Stallion model walking over ground poles, with two poles painted with stripes and two left painted plain white.

Copyright 2011 by Jeanne Grunert. Used with permission.

Once the painted areas are dry, carefully remove the tape and touch up any areas. After the pole is completely dry, it's time to have some fun! You can use your new ground poles in several different model horse show setups:

  • English trail - horses may be walking, trotting or cantering over ground poles.
  • Western trail - horses may be walking, trotting or maneuvering through a pole setup on the ground.
  • English equitation, jumpers and huntseat - poles can be used with standards (side pieces) to create crossrail fences or straight rail jumps.

Learning how to make ground poles gives you the basic skills to make other more advanced propos, such as rails for a dressage arena or different jump styles.

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