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Free Printable Model Horse Calendar to Fit Standard Photo Frame


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September and October Free Printable Model Horse Calendar Mini Scale Models
mini model horses on a printable calendar page for October and September 2011

September and October feature mini scale model hores

Copyright 2010 by Jeanne Grunert. Used with permission.

The September and October 2011 free printable calendar pages in the model horse calendar feature two mini scale models. September offers a one inch tall micro mini pewter galloping draft horse, sculpted by Maggie Bennett, shown with an apple for scale. October depicts the popular Breyer Stablemate scale Belgian in sorrel, the appropriate color for the breed. The Belgian is a fairly new introduction to the Breyer line but quite popular among collectors.

To Print the September - October Calendar Page - Open the pdf (acrobat reader required) file for the 2011 September and October Model Horse Calendarand print the file at 150 dpi (or your chosen resolution) on your printer using the print icon on the pdf page.

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