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Make a Simple Braided Arabian Halter Custom Fitted to Your Model Horse


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Braid the Thread to Form Side Pieces for a Simple Arabian Model Horse Halter
Braiding embroidery thread for an Arabian style halter for a model horse.

Make a braid for the halter from embroidery thread.

Copyright 2011 by Jeanne Grunert. Used with permission.

The first step in making your simple Arabian style model horse halter is to make a long rope-like braid out of the thread. This is what you will knot together to make your halter. Cut three lengths of embroidery thread about 12 inches long, keeping the strand six-ply. Typical embroidery thread is 6-ply, meaning it can be separated into six strands, but keep the strands together for each of the three lengths you need to braid together.

Tie the three threads together, then insert the stick pin through the threads into the cardboard close to the knot at the top of the thread. Begin braiding. Braid it very tightly until you get to the end. If the braid gets lumpy, flatten it out or unwind it and start again. Keep the braid tight and flat! Make a knot at the end to tie it off.

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