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Make a Woodland Scene for Photo Show Pictures of Breyers and Other Model Horses


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Make the Forest Floor for the Woodland Scene Setup for Model Horse Photos
Floral moss sheets used to create a forest floor effect for model horse show photos.

Use floral moss sheets to create a forest floor effect for model horse show photos.

Copyright 2011 by Jeanne Grunert. Used with permission.

Create the forest floor for your model horse woodland photo backdrop by using floral moss sheets. The floral moss sheets shown here are approximately 5" x 7". Each sheet is suitable for photographing Breyer Mini Whinnies or micro mini scale horses or perhaps Stablemate model horses. Schleich horses, Schleich farmyard animals, Breyer Paddock Pals and Stone Chips scale model horses will need two sheets. Floral moss sheets have a wire mesh back. Flip the sheets over and push them together as closely as you can. Use tape to seal the seams on the side with the wire backing. Flip the sheets over, and use the loose floral moss to patch any areas where the seams show. You can also use jewelry or craft wire inserted through the mesh and twisted together to hold it securely.

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