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Breyer Horse Barns - Breyer Barn Toys and Show Accessories for Horse Crazy Kids

Three Traditional Scale Breyer Barns Make Great Gifts or Model Horse Show Props


Breyer horse barns offer children hours of imaginative play and adult collectors the ultimate in realistic accessories. The company currently offers three Traditional Scale Breyer horse barns including the Deluxe Wood Barn with Cupola, the Two Stall Barn, and a small Run In Barn. Each needs some assembly and does not include horses or accessories. The two larger barns offer functional Dutch doors and fencing. All Breyer horse barns are sold plain and unpainted. Collectors can enjoy them in the natural wood color, stain them, or paint them as the classic red barn with white trim.

1. Breyer Horse Barns: Deluxe Wood Barn with Cupola

Breyer deluxe wooden barn with cupola in traditional model horse scale
Photo Courtesy Price Grabber Copyright 2010 Used With Permission

Among the three Traditional scale Breyer horse barns, #302, the Deluxe Wood Barn with Cupola, is by far the fanciest of the three. Measuring 30 1/2 inches by 21" high and 18 1/2 inches deep, the barn features a gabled loft, cupola, windows, and two horse stalls with swinging doors. There's even a hay winch that really works! There are built in feed bins and even stall mats. If your horse crazy boy or girl is looking for the ultimate Breyer horse toy, a horse barn makes a great gift, encouraging imaginative play

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2. Breyer Horse Barns: Two Stall Barn

Breyer two stall wooden barn in traditional model horse scale
Photo Courtesy Price Grabber Copyright 2010 Used With Permission

The second of three Breyer Traditional scale barns, #305 Two Stall Barn, features a simple, self-contained design. It's a good choice for collectors who want to add realistic features and props to their miniature horse model dioramas, for both the front and the back are enclosed. The Deluxe Barn with Cupola has an open back more suitable for play than for shows or realistic photography set ups. The two stall barn offers two functional Dutch doors in back and a removable roof, which converts it from show prop to toy. Like the first barn, it's sold in plain, unadorned wood, and collectors can leave it plain, stain it, or paint it in any color they desire.

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3. Breyer Horse Barns: Run In Barn

Breyer wooden run-in barn in traditional model horse scale
Photo Courtesy Price Grabber Copyright 2010 Used With Permission

The third Traditional scale Breyer horse barn is the Run-In Barn. Run-in barns or sheds are three-sided sheds with a roof that allow horses in a pasture free access to shelter but provide an overhang in case of inclement weather. The Breyer horse barn called a Run-In Barn has some details similar to the large, deluxe barn include doors that swing open and a realistic ventilation window near the top.It's made of natural wood and offers an economical toy for horse crazy girls and boys.

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4. Using Breyer Horse Barns as Photo Show Props

Breyer horses
Kollean Gouyton

While having a barn in the background isn't required for model horse photo or live shows, a well-designed barn adds yet another realistic touch to a photo show setup. If using one of the Breyer horse barns for your photo show setups and dioramas, be sure to paint the barn using classic "barn red" paint with white trim, or another suitable color. Add bits of hay or straw and accessories to the stableyard, such as miniature pails, a water trough, or even a chicken or two. Chickens can be made from Sculpy clay or the Schleich of Germany mini animals may work depending on the overall scale of the piece. Use your imagination and gather reference photos of real stableyards if you're not sure what a typical one looks like. As always, have fun and enjoy the process of creating your model horse diorama. If you can't afford a realistic barn, a photo image of a barn added to the background can also create a great barnyard scene.

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