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New Breyer Famous Sire Collection Sets

Classic Scale Breyer Horse Model Sets Pay Homage to Famous Stallions


Breyery classic scale model horse family.

An older Breyer Classic scale family set of model horses.

Photo Courtesy Kollean Gouyton Copyright 2010 Used With Permission

Breyer's latest introduction to their classic scale model horse families are the Famous Sire Collection Sets. These are available from Tractor Supply retail outlets nationwide beginning September 2010. Each set pays tribute to an important stock horse sire and comes with a stallion, mare and foal model, as well as a copy of the pedigree for the actual stallion who inspired the set.

American Paint Horse Set

The American paint horse includes Far Ute Keno, a stallion foaled in 1973 who went on to win the 1976 American Paint Horse Association championships. The set includes an attractive stallion painted to resembled Far Ute Keno, plus the Classic scale American Quarter Horse mare and foal in a new, unique paint horse pattern.

American Quarter Horse Set

The American Quarter Horse remains an exceptionally popular breed. Go Man Go, a stallion born in 1953, earned amazing accolades by the time he was only two years old. His descendants have won over $7 million in prize money in various competitions, and his bloodlines are especially desirable in performance and racing Quarter Horses. The new Famous Sire Collection Set featuring the American Quarter Horse breed includes a Quarter Horse in the strawberry roan color of Go Man Go, plus the American Quarter Horse mare and foal painted black.

Appaloosa Horse Set

Prince Plaudit's name lives on in Appaloosa horse breeding circles. His leopard-patterned coat and heart shaped spot on the left hip made him instantly recognizable in the show pen. In 1984 he was named one of the 10 all time great Appaloosa horses. The set includes a leopard pattern stallion and a lovely blanket mare and foal painted on the base models of the American Quarter Horse mare and foal models.

Other Famous Breyer Horses in Classic Scale

Breyer has created many famous horse sets in Classic scale over the years. The Mustang Set, sculpted by Maureen Love Calvert, launched in 1976 with a stallion, mare and foal, and was a very popular set with young collectors. The Arabian set featured a trotting stallion and mare and a walking foal and was also sculpted by Calvert; this set launched in 1973. Additional family sets included the Andalusian family, sculpted by Chris Hess, which launched in 1979. These sets all featured stallion, mare and foal, and were launched in basic colors suitable for the breed. In subsequent years, Breyer released the set in different colors or combined models to form new sets. Cloud and His Legacy, a set based on the popular documentary about a Mustang stallion named Cloud, used the Andalusian stallion mold as the Mustang, Cloud!

Additional sets included sets based on books, such as the Black Beauty and Black Stallion sets, and sets of famous horses, such as the United States Equestrian Team Set issued in 1980. And sets in Classic scale featuring mares and foals, as well as horses and wild or domestic animals are also quite popular.

So as you consider the many potential sets to collect, don't forget new releases, such as the Famous Sire Collection set. Each set offers desirable models in new colors and the chance to learn about famous horses and breeds.

To find a Tractor Supply location near you, visit the company's website. Information about the new releases was obtained from Just About Horses, September/October 2010 issue.

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