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Stone Model Horses - Plastic Model Horses Made by the Peter Stone Company

Plastic Model Horses Offer Beautiful Colors and Unique Design a Horse Model


Stone plastic model horse in

A Stone "Chips" scale model horse, similar to Breyer Paddock Pals scale.

Copyright 2011 by Jeanne Grunert. Used with permission.

The Peter Stone Company offers lifelike plastic model horses known as Stone Model Horses. Many collectors appreciate the beautiful hand-painted colors, limited editions, and Stone's new Design-A-Horse program which allows customers to personally select the base model, coat color and markings on any Stone model horse to create a completely one of a kind and original collectible.

Stone Model Horse Company History

Stone Model Horses is part of The Peter Stone Company, and if the name sounds familiar, that's because Peter has been involved in the model horse industry since childhood. His father, Sam Stone, actually founded the first model horse company in the 1950's. Peter grew up with model horses, and a lifetime involvement in the creation, manufacture, and collecting aspects of the hobby led him to found the Stone Model Horse Company in 1996. Today, the company makes its headquarters in Shipshewana, Indiana.

How Stone Horses Are Made

Like its major competitor, Breyer, Stone Horses are made from various forms of injection molded plastic. The basic model horse comes out white and is then hand-painted in the painting 'barn' at the Stone Company compound in Indiana. Many popular hobby artists are invited to design production colors and contribute to the product line, creating a fun, participatory atmosphere around the models.

Similarities and Differences Between Breyer and Stone Plastic Model Horses

Both Breyer and Stone rely upon talented artists to create original sculptures that are then made into molds for mass production of their finished products.

  • Scale: Breyer model horses come in Traditional (1:9), Classic (1:12), Little Bits or Paddock Pals scale (4" tall), Stablemate (1:24) and Mini Whinnie (1:32) scale. Stone plastic model horses are manufactured in three sizes: Stone Horse Collection (1:9), Chips (about 4" tall) and Pebbles (1:24 scale). Sizes are approximate.

  • Breeds: Breyer has released many breeds ranging from Arabians to heavy draft horses, as well as companion animals such as dogs and cats, farm animals, and wildlife. Stone features only horses to date.

  • Colors: Breyer releases molds in distinct colors each year. Some colors are limited editions by number (only 500 may be made, for example) while other colors are limited to a calendar year (bay may be produced only in 2011, but the exact number of pieces are unknown.) Although Stone's business practices have varied over time, the current trend is to release models in either spring or fall editions of highly limited edition colors.

  • Appearance: Both Breyer and Stone model horses offer lifelike horse models with excellent breed characteristics. Some collectors believe that Stone models capture the old-fashioned, hand painted touch found on older horse models and love the rich depth of color and details found on Stone horses.

  • Prices: Stone models are on average $20 to $30 more expensive than comparable Breyer horses. Large sizes comparable to Breyer Traditional scale sell for approximately $74 directly from the Stone company.

  • Market: Stone horses are clearly collector horses, and while they would be suitable for play, it is unlikely that parents will pay $74.99 for a large 1:9 scale Stone horse for their child to play with when they can pay $44.99 for a comparable Breyer suitable for play. Breyer offers many toys, accessories, plush toys, rider dolls and more for imaginative play. Stone offers the highest quality collectibles. While the two may have some market overlap, Breyer tends to cater more towards younger collectors while Stone focuses on adults seeking a more artistic model to add to their collection.

Unique Model Horses: Stone Design a Horse and Decorator Colors

The company doesn't just offer realistically painted model horses. Stone also produced designer "gemstone" color models with clever names such as Onyx. Their current program called Design-A-Horse lets site visitors select an unpainted mold from over a dozen possible models, then click through a series of interactive choices to select the coat color, leg and face markings, and details such as dapples. The result is a truly original, one of a kind hand painted creation that appeals to the discerning collector.

Showing Stone Plastic Model Horses

Stone plastic model horses show in both live and photo shows. They may show against other Stone models or in open classes against Breyer and other manufacterers. They're popular with both live and photo showing model horse collectors and are said to do very well for their owners in the show ring.

For more information, please visit the Stone Model Horse Company. You can view their current line of model horse, purchase directly from the company, or purchase a Design a Horse on their website. The company also sells model horses through selected retailers and tack shops nationwide.

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