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Safari Ltd Horse Models - Affordable Plastic Model Horses for All Ages

Safari Toys Offers Realistic Plastic Horse Models for Collecting and Showing


Blue Ribbon Buckskin Quarter Horse Stallion model horse from Safari

Blue Ribbon Buckskin Quarter Horse Stallion model horse from Safari

Photo courtesy PriceGrabber 2011 Used With Permission

Model horse collectors are just catching on to yet another plastic model horse company, Safari Ltd. Founded in 1980, the company produces realistic educational toys such as dinosaurs, insects, and animals. Safari Ltd. offers two lines of plastic model horses: Blue Ribbon Collectibles and Winners Circle. Both offer yet another affordable, beautiful, and realistic line of plastic model horses to attract Breyer collectors and model horse lovers of all ages. Blue Ribbon scale horses retail for about $15 each and the Winners Circle models $5 to $8. Horse and rider sets in Winners Circle scale costs slightly more, but all are very affordable when compared to other types of plastic model horses.

Safari Plastic Model Horses Blue Ribbon Collectibles

The Safari Blue Ribbon Collectibles series features 11 Classic scale (1:12) model horses depicting various breeds. Among the company's offerings are an Arabian Stallion, a Quarter Horse mare, a Gypsy Vanner, and more. The models are roughly the same size as Breyer classics and made from a hard plastic material. They have very realistic painting finishes and are available in breed-appropriate colors. Some of the models offer better features than others, and may show better for those who love to show their model horses. Among those that may show better than others are the Selle Francais, the Hanoverian and the Clydesdale draft horse.

Winners Circle Plastic Model Horses

Safari also offers a second set of model horses roughly equivalent to Breyer Stablemates scale (1:24). Each model is approximately 3" tall and crafted in hard plastic with realistic paint finishes. The Winner's Circle models feature very lifelike horses with great breed characteristics. Choose from among adult horses and foals.

Horse and Rider Sets

Safari also offers horse and rider sets among the Winners Circle line. These include a dressage rider and horse set called James and Dancing Bells and a cowgirl on a Gypsy Vanner, Audrey and Streaming Light. It is not known whether the company plans to add additional sets in future years.

Accessories, Barns and More

Safari offers fewer accessories, barns and farmyard animals than its main competitor, Schleich, but it does offer a few trucks and carts made in the Winners Circle scale. The company does have many other animal and figures, and some may be used as props along with your Safari horses.

Can You Show Safari Model Horses?

Safari model horses can indeed be shown in both live and photo shows like Breyers or other makes of model horses. Like Schleich, however, they're intended more as affordable toys for children ages 3 and over rather than absolutely realistic and lifelike replicates of horses as Breyers are. Some collectors do show them primarily in photo shows and find that with some good photo show setups, they can compete against Breyers, Stone Horses, and other plastic model horses.

You can buy Safari model horses and other Safari toys nationwide at retailers, museum gift shops, and more. The company sells them directly through its company website at Safariltd.us.

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