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Retired Breyer Horses - 2010 Breyer Horses Retired List Highlights

Know Which 2010 Breyer Horses, Breyer Horse Barns, And Others Are Discontinued


Retired Breyer scratching foals

These retired Breyer horses, part of a Breyer horse collection, may increase in value.

Photo Courtesy Kollean Gouyton Copyright 2010 Used With Permission

Each year, collectors await the retired Breyer horses lists to see which of their favorite Breyer horses they must buy before they are no longer available. Retired Breyer horses may increase in value, depending upon the condition and rarity of the models. Here are the highlights of the 2010 Retired Breyer Horse list.

Breyer Holiday Horses

Not surprisingly, Breyer announced they are retiring the 2010 Holiday Horse and Breyer Christmas Horse, Jewel. The special Halloween series horse, Bats, number 760232, is also retiring. Collectors usually anticipate the limited quantities of these special holiday horses and obtain the latest Breyer Christmas horse, Breyer ornaments and more before the company discontinues them.

Event Models

Each year, Breyer produces models for specific events, such as BreyerFest and various equestrian games. This year the company produced 21 releases for BreyerFest, including 71110 William Shatner's All Glory and the special volunteer models. They also produced models for Breyer West, three Web specials, Quarter Fest and a special release 712034 Smokin' Hot Chic (not to be confused with Sheri Rhode's Artist Resin release by the same name.) All of these special event models will be officially retired at the end of 2010.

World Equestrian Games Model Horses

The World Equestrian Games were the highlight of the horse show year, featuring the world's best equine athletes competing in dressage, jumping and various other disciplines. Breyer releases several models, commemorative pins and collectibles, and model horse tack to mark the event. The Traditional, Classic, Stablemate and Mini Whinnies scale World Equestrian Games (WEG) models will all be discontinued at the end of 2010.

Special Run Colors for Department Stores

Other special run colors created for various department stores and large retailers of Breyers are also discontinued. J.C. Penney's collectible sets, numbers 410434 J.C. Penney two-horse set and 410443 Parade of Breeds will both be retired.

The Value of Retired Breyer Horses

The biggest question new model horse collectors often ask is, "Do retired Breyer horses increase in value?" Yes and no.

Yes, retired Breyer Horses increase in value if...

  • Very few were produced, such as Alpine, #712039. This Esprit mold painted silver filigree was the web-only special for December 2010, availably directly from Breyer (Reeves International.) Alpine created such a stir when the company announced it would only sell this model from 2pm to 5pm on December 7th that their phone lines were jammed with collectors trying to place orders. Even priced at $150.00 each, the model sold out quickly. Only 250 copies of this release were made. Some collectors are already selling their Alpines on eBay, and the model's value appears to have increased slightly already.
  • It was for a special event, such as BreyerFest, and only a handful were produced. Volunteer models, for example, often increase in value because once again, they are rare. People who volunteer at BreyerFest either get them as gifts or get the opportunity to buy certain models that the general public do not have access to. Such models tend to be rare, and thus increase in value.

No, the model horse won't increase in value if....

  • Many copies were made. Breyer is discontinued set #5977, Stablemate scale Fun Foals. It's not known how many copies of this set were ever produced, and it's likely that many hundreds made their way into young collector's hands over the time period the set was sold. Only time will tell whether or not the set increases in value.
  • The model is in poor condition. Like all horse models and model horse collectibles, condition and rarity determine the ultimate value. Mint conditions, or a Breyer horse with no scratches, rub marks, or paint defects, is considered the most valuable. The model doesn't have to be in its original packaging the way some science fiction and cartoon collectibles do in order to retain value, but it must be in perfect condition to retain maximum value.

No one knows at the start of the year which releases will be retired. Although the holiday horses, Halloween Breyer horses, and special event models are almost always retired, other horses in the Breyer model horses line are always a guess until the company makes their end of year announcement. Be sure to buy Breyer horses you love at the start of the year to ensure availability, and remember the collector's adage - collect what you loave. That way you'll always be happy with your Breyer model horses!

The Complete List of Retired Breyer Horses

The complete list of 2010 retired Breyer horses was published in the Breyer magazine Just About Horses. A PDF may be obtained online of 2010 retired Breyer horses.

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