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Model Horses - Showing, Collecting, Modifying

Improve your model horse collection and win more ribbons at model horse shows with these tips. Model horse tutorials, projects and profiles on types, brands, horse breeds, shows, history, artisans and special collections for all model horse scales.
  1. Collectible Breyer Model Horses (28)
  2. Collectible Model Horses Other Than Breyer (11)
  3. Customizing Model Horses (19)
  4. Model Horse Collections and Displays (11)
  5. Model Horse Projects (28)
  6. Showing Model Horses (73)

Collecting Breyer Model Horses
Information on collecting Breyer Model Horses including the scale available, how to identify the particular model, and identifying marks.

Beginner's Guide to the Model Horse Hobby
An overview and beginner's guide to several aspects of the model horse hobby including showing, customizing, tack, prop and doll making.

Terms, Abbreviations and Language for Model Horse Collectors
Learn the language,jargon, terms, abbreviations and acronyms common to the model horse hobby.

How Model Horses Are Made
A general overview of how a model horse is made from conception to final product.

Interviews with Expert Model Horse Artists
Read interviews with talented model horse artists - Deborah McDermott, Bill Duncan, Kevin McFarland and Kim Ford Hoffman and learn some of their tips, and how they started out.

How to Make a Simple Base for a Breyer Horse Model
Here's how to add a base to a Breyer horse model that doesn't stand up straight or falls over.

Interview with Expert Model Horse Vehicle Maker Bill Duncan
Meet Bill Duncan, the original antique cowboy, model horse tack maker and expert vehicle / carriage maker and contributor to the 2010 WEG Breyer project.

Meet Anne Field, Breyer Doll Artist, Custom Dolls for Model Horse Show Scenes
Interview with Artisan Anne Field, Breyer collector and Breyer doll customizer.

Meet Mindy Berg, Breyer Model Horse Artist, Painter and Customizer
Mindy Berg, model horse painter and customizer explains how she started her career and gives tips for customizers

Examples of Realistic Miniature Vehicles for Breyer and Other Model Horses
Examples of historically accurate model horse vehicles with photos and background by expert carriage maker Bill Duncan of BD wagons.

Quick and Easy Model Horse Craft Projects - Props, Tack and Backgrounds to Make
A selection of easy craft projects for beginners to make model horse tack, props and more.

How to Sell Your Breyer Model Horses - Tips for Great Model Horse Sales Ads
Use these handy tips for effective sales ads and great sales photos to sell your Breyers and other model horses.

Model Horse Clinics - Learn More About Breyers, Model Horse Showing and More
Model horse clinics are fun collector events you can attend to learn more about Breyers, showing model horses, customizing horse models and more.

How to Show Model Horses Including Breyer Horses

Part of the fun of owning model horses is showing them. Whether you travel to a show in person for "live" model horse showing or send photographs by mail or digitally, showing off your collection and winning prizes adds to the fun and excitement of owning Breyer toy horses and other model horses. You'll need to gather your best steeds, clean and dust them until they shine, and get ready to have some good old fashioned fun!

Introduction to Decorator Color Models Horses by Breyer, Peter Stone and More
Decorator colors offer collectors beautiful and unusual Breyers, Peter Stone and other model horses to collect and enjoy.

Model Horse Trades - Safely Swap and Trade Your Model Horses
Suggestions and tips for trading model horses safely.

Track Your Model Horse Collection - Record Keeping for Model Horses, Value,...
As your collection of horse models and Breyer horses and accessories grows beyond a few pieces, you'll want to keep careful records. Breyer horses may change in value depending on their rarity, condition, and more, and tracking the purchase price and details helps collectors ascertain the value of their Breyer horse collection. Details on show...

How to Pack and Ship Fragile Horse Models
Tips on how to wrap, pack and ship horse models, especially fragile horse models, so that they arrive safely.

Ways to Improve Your Model Horse Show Photos
Ways to take winning photographs of your Breyer and other model horses, including tips for backdrops, footings and props.

Pedigrees for Breyer Model Horses
Breyer model horse collectors who enjoy researching horse breeds and colors enjoy creating pedigrees for their model horses. Model horse pedigree assignments provide a fun learning experience and enable collectors to explore the world of equine breeds and colors for their Breyer horses.

Choosing Breyers, Plastic and Other Model Horses for Western Pleasure Classes
How to choose great model horses for Western performance horses.

Collecting Micro Mini Model Horses
An overview of micro mini model horses, extremely tiny, 1" or smaller miniature horse models.

References Photos for Breyer Horses - Creating a Model Horse Photo Album
How to build a reference library of photos and backdrops for collectors of Breyer horses and plastic model horses.

My Very Own Horse Book with Model Horse
Review of My Very Own Horse Book, a book and activity kit including a model horse from Klutz Press.

Holiday Gifts for the Horse Crazy Girl or Boy - Breyer Activity Sets
Horse-crazy kids love nothing more than a Breyer box under the Christmas tree. And what child doesn't love to craft, paint, or create something unique? Combine both interests with one of the Breyer Activity Sets for the perfect present for the horse crazy child. Every little girl or little boy who loved Breyer model horses will squeal with joy...

Stone Model Horses - Plastic Model Horses Made by the Peter Stone Company
Profile of Stone model horses, plastic model horses made by the Peter Stone Company and a direct competitor of Breyer model horses.

Breyer Announces Special Run Horse Models, Theme and Dates for Breyerfest 2011
The Breyer model horse company announced details of the 2011 Breyerfest, the world's largest model horse collecting event.

Retired Breyer Horses - 2010 Breyer Horses Retired List Highlights
Overview of retired Breyer horses, including the Breyer holiday horse and Breyer Christmas horse.

Preparing an Artist Resin Model Horse for Painting
Instructions for how to prepare artist resin model horses before painting them.

Five Ideas to Focus Your Model Horse Collection and Have More Fun with Breyers

People collect Breyers and model horses of various kinds. Many people simply purchase what they enjoy and look for model horses that appeal to them. Others prefer to focus their horse model collections and purchase only family sets, certain molds, colors or color variations. Here are five ideas to focus your Breyer horse model collection on a special aspect of Breyers such as color or mold.

Basics of Collecting Popular Brands of Plastic Model Horses
An overview of the three major brands of plastic model horses and advice on getting started collecting plastic model horses.

Safari Ltd Horse Models - Affordable Plastic Model Horses for All Ages
An overview of the two sizes of plastic model horses available from Safari Ltd.

Brands of China and Plastic Model Horses to Collect, Show and Enjoy

Chances are good that your model horse collection includes Breyers, but there are many other popular model horse companies to collect, show and enjoy! Learn about other plastic model horse makers and china model horse companies. All of these models can be collected, customized, or shown just like Breyers.

Beginner's Guide to The Basics of Customizing and Repairing Model Horses
Articles to help beginning model horse collectors repair and customize Breyers and other horse models.

Collecting Breyer Horses - Conga Line Model Horse Collections
Breyers model horses come in many molds and colors, and collecting one mold in its many variations, called a conga line, is a fun aspect of the hobby.

Materials Needed to Start Painting Breyer Horse Models
Assemble the basic materials to paint and customize model horses, including Breyer horses and artist resin model horses.

Breyer Model Horse Families to Collect and Enjoy

Model horse collections can quickly outgrow their shelves if you let your collecting habits wander into every scale, make, and color of model horses. Fortunately, there are some fun ways to focus your Breyer model horse collection. Collecting family sets offers an affordable and attractive way to focus your model horse hobby. By acquiring the stallion, mare and foal in your favorite Breyer molds and sizes, you can easily add to your Breyer family collections.

Fun with Breyer Foals: Ideas for Collecting, Showing and Enjoyng Breyer Foals
Ideas for young collectors interested in collecting plastic model horse foals or Breyer horses and foals.

Collector's Guide to the Breyer Stablemate Model Horse Classfication System
Identification and collecting tips for Breyer Stablemate model horses, one of the most popular model horses among collectors today.

Breyer Classic Scale Families to Collect, Show and Enjoy
Classic scale model horse families offer Breyer collectors an affordable way to collect model horses.

Collectible Metal and Pewter Model Horses

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