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Make Glass Front Upper Kitchen Cabinets For the Dollhouse


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Make Opening Glass Front Upper Cabinets for a Dollhouse Kitchen
Glass fronted upper cabinet with opening door for a dollhouse scale kitchen.

Upper cabinet for a dollhouse kitchen featuring an opening 'glass' door with a Shaker style frame.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

Add to your miniature scale kitchen with custom upper cabinets. You can make them with or without the opening 'glass' door shown here, using simple craft wood and clear sheet acrylic. You can also substitute the wooden door from the base cabinet for the "glass" door. Like the other cabinets in the kitchen series they can be finished with a range of different style doors and paint schemes to suit your kitchen period and style.

I've shown the cabinet here with a simple bead board back, but you can leave the cabinet without a back to allow a wallpaper pattern to show through, or finish it with plain painted wood. If you need the cabinet for a two sided view, you can finish it with a second glass door on the back.

The cabinets can easily be built by a beginner with basic hand tools. In smaller scales you can use bookboard or veneer tape as the base for the cabinets if you can't find wood in the correct thickness for your scale.

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