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Make These Tiny Pouring Dolls House Teapots From Polymer Clay


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Make Tiny Teapots You Can Fill With Liquids
Polymer clay dollhouse teapots with a 'raku' style glaze effect

"Raku" style polymer clay teapots in dollhouse scale.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

These tiny dolls house teapots are a great beginner's miniature polymer clay project as they have naturally rough finishes in a 'raku' style and can be made to pour liquids (in smaller scales they will drip rather than pour, due to the size of the spout). I've shown them here in two colors, but with the same colored overglaze to finish off the rough edges and make them look more 'artistic'.

Take a look at your favorite pottery sites for samples of hand thrown or slab teapots you'd like to add to your collection in miniature, and use them as your inspiration. The technique shown here is easy to adapt to a range of rustic styles.

The rough finished style of these teapots means they are quick to make, and there are no obvious 'mistakes', only more opportunities for custom finishes. Experiment by making several in different styles and heights to add to a shop or tea room scene.

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