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Make Sets of Dollhouse Miniature Coffee Mugs Using Polymer Clay and Clay Canes


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Make Miniature Coffee Mug Sets from Polymer Clay
Miniature coffee mug, part of a set made from polymer clay and polymer clay canes.

A set of similar miniature coffee mugs can be made using polymer clay and polymer clay canes

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

Use caning techniques and two part silicone mold putty to make sets of dollhouse scale coffee mugs with your choice of designs. While the example in the photo leaves a bit to be desired as I made this test set with cast off canes of polymer clay, the method outlined in these instructions can be used to make highly detailed, repeatable designs on miniature polymer clay mugs. I'm showing the mugs made in simple two part silicone putty molds, but you can also skip the molds and make the mugs over a form as shown in part of the instructions. Use the method with simple 'modern' canes or face canes made from experimental blends of polymer clay, or use canes of fruit slices like the lemon cane to create mugs covered with lemon slices.

Canes used for nail art can also be used to decorate these tiny coffee mugs.

If you are new to working with polymer clay, please read The basics of polymer clay before starting on this project.

Note: The teapot wallpaper is available as a free printable in several colors and two styles. There are instructions on this website for the filled cookies on the plate which are also made from polymer clay.

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