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Decorate the Shelves of a Miniature Kitchen with Paper Lace Strips


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Use Paper Piercing Tools To Mimic the Effect of Paper Lace in Miniature
Miniature paper lace shelf edging made by piercing paper trimmed with decorative scissors.

Pierced pattern on edged shelf paper resembles paper lace in miniature.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

Edging punches which have small scale, shallow designs may work to make paper lace in miniature scale. Another method, shown here, uses paper piercing tools, to make a lacy effect on finely cut decorative edged paper strips. If you have small scale metal stencils or other patterns suitable for embossed designs, you can use those to decorate your edging strips as well. For the best embossing results using a stencil or raised pattern, dampen the paper very slightly before you begin to emboss it.

To make the lines of paper piercing similar to those shown in the photo, mark faint lines just below the fold line of your decorative edged strip (where the strip folds over the edge of your shelf). Use a pin, a paper awl, or pergamano piercing tools to create a punched pattern of holes across the visible decorative section of your miniature shelf edging. Smaller scale pouncing wheels (used for decorative scrapbooking and marking sewing fabric) may also be used, provided the hole size is fine enough to appear in scale. If you have a sewing machine, you can use it without thread and your finest needle, to make lines of fine holes.

Experiment with using different hole sizes to decorate your strip, and working your piercing tool through the front and the back of the paper to get different effects. Once you find a method you like, make enough strips to decorate all the shelves you want to edge.

Paper edgings made this way were a very popular method of decorating kitchens from the Victorian period onward.

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