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Decorate the Shelves of a Miniature Kitchen with Paper Lace Strips


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Make Paper Lace Shelf Edging for a Dollhouse Kitchen
Paper lace made for a dollhouse kitchen shelf using decorative scissors and a pin.

Paper lace shelf edging made in miniature scale using decorative scissors and a pin or paper piercing tool.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

If you are looking for a fast, inexpensive way to add attention to a shelf in a dollhouse miniature kitchen, try these easy to make strips of paper lace. The strips can be left plain, colored, stamped or embossed, or pierced to mimic the effect of paper lace in miniature.

Materials Needed to Make Miniature Paper Lace Shelf Edging

  • Thin, Strong Paper - I used recycled edging from a magazine page, which folds crisply and is fairly lightweight. Thin vellum and ordinary printer paper will work as well.
  • Decorative Edging Scissors - In your choice of patterns, pinking shears will work as well.
  • Ruler
  • Paper Piercing Tools - you can use a variety of fine ended dressmaking pins if you do not have special piercing tools (often used for Pergamano). In larger scales you can also use a sewing machine without any thread, set on a small stitch spacing.
  • Pencil - to draw in light guidelines if necessary.

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