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Make a Tea or Wine Set in Miniature Scales Using Acorns or Hazlenuts


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Shape Brass Tubing for a Teapot Spout
The spout for a miniature acorn teapot is made by bending a section of hollow brass rod.

The spout for a miniature acorn teapot is shaped from a section of brass rod.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

To shape the brass tubing for the spout of the miniature teapot, hold the tubing firmly in a pair of pliers (beading pliers or needlenose pliers work best) and gently bend the tubing into a rough S curve suitable for the tea pot spout. Hold the tubing up against the acorn from time to time to check the size and shape will be correct. Don't bend the tubing too abruptly or it will kink and may break.

As shown, the tubing can be used with a short or a longer spout stem as you will see in later photos.

When you have the tubing shaped correctly, roll the tubing gently between the jaws of a pair of wire nippers to score the bent tubing at the point where you want to cut it free from the main tube. Gently increase the pressure on the nippers as you roll the tubing between them, cutting the tubing without crushing it.

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