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Make a Tea or Wine Set in Miniature Scales Using Acorns or Hazlenuts


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Make an Acorn Tea Set
Scale miniature acorn teapot, teacup and wine goblet for a woodland scene.

A 1:24 scale dollhouse teapot, teacup and wine goblet all made from sections of acorns.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

This miniature tea set and wine goblet are made from acorns. With a few adaptations the pot, goblet and cup could also be made from other small round nuts including hazlenuts (filberts). The set as shown here is in roughly 1:24 scale and fits with other woodsy projects for fairies or the poseable miniature mouse. In a slightly larger scale you can have a teapot which will pour water. The ability to pour depends on the diameter of tubing used for the teapot spout.

If you cannot find actual acorns or nuts suitable for the pot and cup, similar items can be made from small foam filled glass christmas / floral ornaments, like the "berries" used for the acorn reading lamp.

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