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Make a Sink Cabinet for a Dolls House Fitted Kitchen


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Materials Used to Build a Kitchen Sink Cabinet in Dollhouse Scale
Craft wood pieces for a dollhouse scale sink cabinet.

Craft wood for a sink cabinet to fit a dollhouse miniature kitchen.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

Materials Needed to Make a Dolls House Kitchen Sink Cabinet :

Craft Wood - Use a fine grained wood like Basswood (US) or Jelutong or Obeche, Tilia or Lime (UK). You can also use bookboard if you wish, it is strong enough to build opening cabinets. Illustration board / mat board can be used for a non opening version of the cabinets. The measurements I used below are for a 1:12 scale sink cabinet, scaled to be the equivalent of a standard 30 inch wide (76cm) by 2 ft (60cm) deep kitchen cabinet set to be at a counter height of 36 inches (90cm) in full size. The cabinets are designed to sit on a plinth or base of 1/4 inch (7mm) which is added to the cabinets after all the base cabinets you need are assembled.

As the craft wood from my supplier comes in 3 inch widths, I first cut a strip to the width I need for the depth of the base cabinets, then cut all the pieces from that strip. I set my cabinet depth for this project to a standard 1 7/8 (47mm) depth from the back wall, allowing for a two inch deep (50mm) cabinet once the counter overhang is in place.

  • Sides - Two pieces cut from three inch by 3/32 inch (2mm) stock, to a length of 2 17/32 inches (67mm), you can sand this piece down from 2 9/16 inches if your ruler doesn't have markings in 32nds. If you are using a regular sink instead of a farmhouse sink you can cut the sides to 2 /16 inches, as the sink cabinet will need a top for a regular sink. As with all the base cabinets, the pieces are cut from the strip 1 7/8 inches (47mm) wide
  • Base - One piece cut from the 1 7/8 inch wide strip (47mm) of 3/32 inch (2mm) stock, to a length of 2 1/2 inches (64 mm).
  • Sink Support - The sink support fits into the cabinet for the farmhouse sink like the drawer support does in a regular base cabinet. If you are not setting in a farmhouse sink you can cut two base pieces and use one for the top.
  • Plinth - cut 1/4 inch (7mm) stripwood to form the toekick or plinth for runs of base cabinets. The plinth should be a rectangle with a depth of 1 3/4 inches (4.5cm) or slightly less and a length to fit under a full run of cabinets, up to the edge of any opening for an appliance or the end of a wall. Don't cut the plinth for your cabinets until you have all the base sections of your kitchen ready to assemble and install.
  • Door Fronts - These should be cut from 1/16 inch (2mm) thick stock, especially if you will be trimming the doors. They need to fit inside the edges of your base cabinet so you can use simple pin hinges. For my 2 1/2 inch cabinet I cut two doors, 1 5/8 inches (4cm) tall by 1 1/8 inch (3 cm) wide. The size of your doors will depend on the size of your sink, so wait to cut these until you have set your sink support in place.
  • Trim Pieces - for my Shaker style doors I cut trim from 1/4 inch (7mm) by 1/16 inch (2mm) wooden coffee stir sticks.

Other Materials and Tools You May Need:

  • Sharp Craft Knife
  • Metal Ruler
  • Engineeer's Square
  • Sandpaper - medium and fine see Sanding Techniques and Tips
  • Wood Glue
  • Glue Spreader
  • Razor Saw and Miter Box - or craft knife
  • Clamps or Gluing Jig
  • Mini Drill
  • Drawer Handles or Knobs -you can make wire handles by shaping 26 gauge wire over a piece of square stock, or you can make 'porcelain' handles from white beads with a brass brad inserted through them. Wooden knob handles can be made from dowel as shown in the instructions for the simple shelf with hanging pegs.
  • PVA Glue or Carpenter's Glue
  • Stain or Painted Finish

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