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Make a Sink Cabinet for a Dolls House Fitted Kitchen


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Make A Sink Cabinet for a Custom Dollhouse Kitchen
Dollhouse scale butler's sink set in a cabinet base ready for the countertop.

The farmhouse or butler's sink is usually fitted so it hangs over the edge of the base cabinets, and is set slightly in front of the countertop, with the edge of the countertop resting on the top of the sink.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

The dollhouse kitchen sink cabinet shown here without its base plinth, can be made to fit a range of sink styles for a miniature kitchen. Like the basic kitchen base cabinet you can customize it with a range of different styles of doors and counter tops. I've shown it here used to fit a farmhouse style sink, but you can make it with a false drawer front where the farmhouse sink sits, to match the other base cabinets if you are using a more modern sink style. The sink cabinet, like the rest of the kitchen cabinets in this series uses simple butt joints and hand tools, which makes this a good project for a beginner.

All the base cabinets in this series are built a standard depth, to match modern fitted kitchens. The base pieces are 50mm or 2 inches deep. If you plan on adding commercially available cabinets to your kitchen, you may want to buy the pieces before you make your custom cabinets to ensure the parts will fit together. Delph Miniatures and Elf Miniatures are the main suppliers of custom dollhouse kitchen cabinets and fittings. They have appliances and parts for do it yourself kitchens as well as full kitchen designs. Elf Miniatures have a very clear pdf (acrobat reader required) on How to Plan Your Elf Fit Kitchen which explains how to work out the sizes of cabinets and how to fit in appliances.

The instructions in this tutorial are for a standard sink cabinet with opening double doors beneath the sink. In modern kitchens, the sink has a false or a drop down drawer face across the front edge of the cabinet above the doors. This sink cabinet is designed to be 2 1/2 feet wide in scale (30 inches) which is a standard sink cabinet width.

All of the kitchen cabinets are made from craft wood (tilia (lime) or basswood, but they can be made from hardwoods or finished with traditional painted finishes, faux finishes to resemble woods like mahogany or covered with heat shrink films to give them a glossy modern finish. When you have assembled all your base cabinets, you can group them and set them on a standard support plinth so the countertop is at the correct height, and make a faux marble or a faux granite or tile countertop to fit all the cabinets, sink, and appliances.

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