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How to Make a Farmhouse, Butler's or Belfast Style Sink in Dolls House Scale


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Make a Miniature Belfast or Butler's Sink With a Plain Front
The start of a plain belfast or farmhouse sink in dollhouse scale made from gesso over wood.

The wooden base of the farmhouse sink is coated with the first layers of gesso to make a plain front sink style.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

The most basic shape of farmhouse sink has a plain unadorned front with gently curved corners. To make a sink in this style, paint thin, smooth layers of gesso on the inside and outside edges of your sink. Allow the gesso to dry thoroughly between coats, sanding each layer to smooth it out before applying another coat. In the photo on this page the sink has it's first coat of gesso in place, ready to be sanded. You will need three to four layers of gesso to create a rounded coating for your sink. When you have the coating sanded as smooth as possible, paint the sink with a layer of white or cream acrylic paint and allow to dry thoroughly. Apply a final layer of clearcoat (acrylic varnish or nailpolish) to finish your sink and fit the drain eyelet in place.

Take care when sanding the sink, the smoother the coating, the more realistic your final sink will appear.

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