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How to Make a Farmhouse, Butler's or Belfast Style Sink in Dolls House Scale


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Round the Edges of the Farmhouse Sink Base
Rounding the edges of a miniature farmhouse sink with a sanding block.

Before adding finishes to the base of the dollhouse farmhouse or Belfast sink, the outer corners and top edges are gently rounded with a sanding block.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

Farmhouse sinks usually have softly rounded edges. Regardeless of what material you intend to use to finish your sink, you should use a sanding block to round the outer corners and upper edge of the minature farmhouse sink. To do this, hold your sanding block at a 45 degree angle on the corners, and sand out the corner, then gently sand four round corners and a rounded top edge around your entire sink base as shown.

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