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How to Make a Farmhouse, Butler's or Belfast Style Sink in Dolls House Scale


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Make a Dollhouse Scale Sink in Farmhouse, Butler's or Belfast Style
Farmhouse sinks in dollhouse scale made in a variety of styles.

Two farmhouse, Belfast or Butler's sinks in dollhouse scale in the first stages of being made from air dry clay and gesso over a wooden base. In the background is a third sink made from polymer clay using an individual jam container as a mold.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd
The deep square fired ceramic sinks beloved by decorators have a long history. Often called Farmhouse sinks in Europe and North America, they are also known as Belfast or Butler's sinks. They are all available in a range of styles, the most common being a gently rounded smooth rectangle, but variants with elaborate front moldings, fluted fronts and apron fronts or squared edges are also common.

These dollhouse sinks in farmhouse styles are simply made from a rectangular wooden box, finished with epoxy putty, paper clay, air dry clay, or gesso to give it the look of ceramic when finished with a coat of white or cream acrylic paint and a final glossy acrylic clear coat or a coat of clear nailpolish. The sinks shown on the photo on this page are not finished (you'll be able to see the finished sink on the cabinet base in a later tutorial). I've set this sink up in the standard commercial measurements (29 inches by 18 inches by 10 inches deep) scaled down to 1:12 scale. It is easy enough to scale up to 1:6 scale, or down to 1:24 and 1:48 scale.

In smaller scales you may want to ignore the wooden box, and make the basic box from lightweight card or paper. You can use a heavier cardstock (bookboard or illustration board)to make the larger scale sinks instead of wood if you wish.

Just for comparison, I've shown a variant of the sink in the progress of being formed from polymer clay in a single serving jelly / jam package. If you dust the package with talcum powder you should be able to shape the clay in the mold and release it to bake or cure it. As you can see in the photo on this page, sinks made in these molds are much smaller than the sinks made to the measurements of full size sinks. They may work for smaller scales made this way.

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