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Dollhouse Miniature Teacups Made From Polymer Clay


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List of Materials Used to Make Dollhouse Miniature Teacups
Paper punches, ball point pen tip and other items used to make the shape of tiny teacups for a mold

Materials Used to Make Molds for Miniature Polymer Clay Teacups

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

To make the miniature teacups and saucers shown in these instructions I used the following materials:

  • Polymer Clay - Use a fairly strong and elastic clay so you can roll it thin enough for realistic teacups. Adding transparent clay to colors will usualy make it stronger. If you are new to using polymer clay, read Using Polymer Clay for Miniatures before beginning this project.
  • Two Part Silicone Mold Putty
  • Release Agent - for your particular clay brand, usually talcum powder or corn starch.
  • Basic Shape - I used the end of a pen for a modern teacup, you can also use the top half of a round bead or another shape which is the correct size for your particular miniature scale. Teacups are usually two to four inches tall, so choose an appropriate sized bead for your particular scale.
  • Tile or Foil Pan - to bake the clay
  • Plastic Circle Template - I used this to set an even top edge for my cup mold.
  • Paper punches - I used a 1/2 inch and a 1/4 inch circular punch to make a template for my teacup saucer.
  • Acrylic Glaze - you can use a clear acrylic floor polish instead.
  • Fine Sandpaper - wet dry sandpaper above a 200 grit works well to polish the edges of your teacups and saucer.
  • Embossing Tool or toothpick - to apply the handle to the teacup.
  • Fine Wet / Dry Sandpaper - 200 grit or finer.
  • Clay roller - to roll out thin sections of clay for the saucers.
  • Clay blade - to cut the clay sections.
  • Circular Cutter - This is sized to fit the outside edge of your saucer. I used a thin tube from craft knife blades, you can make a custom cutter the same way you make miniature cookie cutters if you can't find a suitable thin walled tube or plastic straw.
  • Thin card - to make the master shape for the saucer rim.
  • Paper Glue

Make the Mold or Template for the Miniature Saucers

I used the circular paper cutters to make a small ring from two layers of card (see photo) which was the correct size for a rimmed saucer for my teacup. You can either roll polymer clay into a thin layer and press it over this basic template, cutting it with a circular cutter (a large drinking straw or a small plastic tube work well) or you can make a two part silicone mold the same way I did for the miniature dessert plates. For further instructions on making saucers, see the miniature dessert plates, but make the saucers smaller (my saucers are size to fit inside the rim of the dessert plates).

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