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Practise Simple Carving Skills to Make a Set of Dollhouse Kitchen Tools


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Make the Hollow Stirring Stick, Pot Scraper and Meat Tenderizer
Drilling a section of square stock to make a miniature holder for wooden kitchen tools.

A section of square stock is drilled to make a holder for the set of wooden kitchen implements. Another small hole is drilled in a piece of stir stick to make a wooden stirrer.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

The other tools in my set of wooden kitchen tools include a pot scraper, with a flatter bowl than the wooden spoon, which narrows gently down and has a wide handle that begins roughly five inches from the top of the tool. You can see the pot scraper in the tool holder with the wooden spoon in the photo on this page. It is carved the same way as the spoon, but the handle is left broader and the bowl is not very pronounced. This tool is used primarily to stir pot contents which must not stick to the sides of the pot.

Another useful kitchen tool is a stir stick shaped like a spoon with a hole in the center. To make this in miniature, a suitable hole is drilled in the end of a stir stick, centered on the curve at the top of the stick as shown. The tool is then carved the same as the wooden spoon, without the need to shape the bowl.

The final tool in my set is a meat tenderizer which is a small block of square stock set on a wooden handle. To make the tenderizer, cut a section of suitable square stock roughly 1/4 inch long. Carve a handle from a section of craft wood / stir stick, or a round wooden toothpick. Drill a suitable sized hole in the center of the side edge of the square stock and insert the handle.

To make the tool holder, take a piece of square stock (for 1:12 scale use 1/4 inch stock) and use a hand drill to make a hole in one end of the square stock, at least 3/8 inch into the stock. Cut the square stock free of the main piece so that it is roughly 1/2 inch long and sand the base so the holder will stand square as shown. The handles of the kitchen tools should all fit neatly into the center of he holder.

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