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Photo Galleries Featuring Some Fantastic Miniatures in Many Scales


If you are looking for inspiration from photos of wonderful miniatures this is the place to search. This list features photos of shows and individual work by dolls house, railway and other scale miniature enthusiasts. There are also reference galleries for various building styles popular with miniature builders.

1. Roombox Displays from the Fall 2012 Seattle Dollhouse Miniature Show

Madinat Al Zahra roombox in 1:12 scale from a class by Ron Hubble
Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

This roombox gallery is full of exception examples of class workshops. Whitledge - Burgess roomboxes are especially well represented. Their kitchen have huge appeal for miniaturists who love food and china.

2. 1:12 and 1:24 Buildings From the Fall 2012 Seattle Dollhouse Miniature Show

Clairevue cottage in 1:24 scale exhibited by Joan Claire Bergstrom.
Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

There are certainly some show stopper buildings in this gallery! Check out Clairbourne Cottage, which is a 1:24 scale companion piece to "Clairbourne Manor" exhibited at the Fall 2009 Seattle Dollhouse Show. This is also the gallery where you'll find the wonderful HMS Miniscule about to set sail.

3. Quarter Scale Displays From The Fall 2012 Seattle Dollhouse Miniature Show

Campground cottage quarter scale scene by Rosemary Shipman
Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

Lots of highly detailed quarter scale scenes, shops and houses in the Fall 2012 Seattle Dollhouse Show. From the fanciful to the vintage reproduction Seattle miniaturists continue to push the limits in this scale.

4. Vignettes from the Fall 2012 Seattle Dollhouse Miniature Show

Vignette dollhouse scale scene of Elvis in a Soda Shop
Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

I love the smaller displays at the Seattle Dollhouse Show as they are one of the best ways to encourage experimentation with a small number of well displayed items. This year there are several variations of the same miniature kit on view, which is always fun.

5. Vignettes From the 2012 Spring Seattle Dollhouse Miniature Show

Valentines day hutch, table and prep board in dolls house scale
Photo Courtesy Copyright 2011 Used With Permission
There are some great ideas for indoor or balcony planters here along with a range of well laid out vignettes which could easily go on to become part of a larger scene.

6. Roomboxes from the 2012 Spring Seattle Dollhouse Miniature Show

Paper Toy Shop Roombox in 1:12 scale by Angelika Oeckl
Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

Another great 'apartment' roombox example, as well as some very formal single rooms and a spectacular German style shop full of paper toys were some of the roombox highlights at this show.

7. 2012 Spring Quarter Scale Displays From the Seattle Show

Quarter Scale "Trinity Circle" dollhouse based on Campmeeting cottages on Martha's Vineyard.
Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

Beautifully finished examples of "Young at Heart" quarter scale houses featured at this edition of the Seattle Show. As this scale becomes ever more popular, the detailing and the range of finished miniature furnishings continues to grow.

8. Dollhouses And Scenes from the Spring 2011 Seattle Dollhouse Show

Front view of a scale model Texaco gas station by Joni Gilland
Photo Copyright 2011 Lesley Shepherd

From a classic garage, to a 1:12 scale glitter house and some wonderful children's dollhouse entries there were lots of examples of traditional houses and scenes on view at the Spring 2011 Seattle Dollhouse Show. Two great examples of two room cottages show how much you can showcase in small displays. Lots of things to look at and learn from.

9. Vignettes and Window Boxes From the Spring 2011 Seattle Dollhouse Show

Miniature scenes fill the divisions of a vintage divided storage crate.
Photo Copyright 2011 Lesley Shepherd

Small scenes at this show included several repeated projects so you can get a great view of how small changes can impact a piece of a miniature scene. As usual there were some exceptional vignettes display, proving that a lot of miniatures moving well away from the traditional dolls house setting.

10. Smaller Scale Displays from the Spring 2011 Seattle Dollhouse Miniature Show

Quarter scale "Story Book Cottage" by Rosemary Shipman from a kit by Suzanne and Andrew's Minis
Photo Copyright 2011 Lesley Shepherd
Quarter Scale was, as usual, a large part of the miniature display at the Spring 2011 Seattle Dollhouse Show. Great work in 1:144 showed up as well. As a photographer I have to make careful notes. It is getting very difficult to tell the scale from just a photo, the detail incredible in some cases.
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