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Winner Readers Choice Best Miniature Product 2012


2012 Best Miniature Product Readers' Choice Award Winner
Battery operated LED dollhouse lights

Dollhouse battery operated LED lights from Manhatten Dollhouse

Photo Courtesy Manhatten Dollhouse Copyright 2012 Used With Permission

Lighting was clearly the miniature product of choice for 2012. In a hard fought contest the winner is Battery Operated Lamps by Sutton Miniatures. Since I first reviewed these well made stand alone lamps, sold through Manhatten Dollhouse and other Dollhouse Miniature Merchants Association (DMMA) members the range has extended to 60 styles, now with smaller batteries and barrels. The ability to add accent lights to miniature scenes and dollhouses without wiring, has clearly struck a chord with modellers. These lamps offer everyone an opportunity to experiment with lights and are a great addition to scenes where wiring is not in place, or where a few extra lights are needed.

Here are a few words from Manhatten Dollhouse about the development of these lights. We've come a long way since the first batch of lights. When they first came in, most of the bulbs were in an amber light, then a blue white light. Some customers do not like the white-blue, so we worked on it, many batches later, we now display a soft natural light as you see above. Some models such as the crystals have the white bulb and most of the outdoor lights have both the amber and natural colors. The amber give a nice period feel and it is popular with the outdoor lights.

The newer lights with the smaller base house a smaller battery. The original batteries using one bulb last longer than the 50 hours stated, perhaps another 48 at least. The smaller batteries using one bulb run about 30 continuous hours

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