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2012 Readers' Choice Award Finalists for Best Miniature Blog


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Mini Garden Guru: Miniature Blog Finalist 2012 Readers' Choice
Screenshot of Mini Garden Guru Blog

Screen shot of Janit Calvo's Mini Garden Guru Blog, finalist in the 2012 Reader's Choice Awards for Best Blog on Miniatures

Screen shot used with Permission

Janit Calvo, The Mini Garden Guru has taken up the challenge of helping people to create tiny living gardens for any space. Beginning with a street market stall in Seattle, she created a store to cater to miniature garden enthusiasts "Two Green Thumbs" which now caters to miniature gardeners online. Her blog grew from her desire to introduce the world of miniature gardens to gardeners everywhere and she uses it to outline the many plants and decorative techniques she uses successfully in her own creations.

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You will be able to vote once per category of awards per 24 hour day until the voting ends on March 21st.

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