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Showcase of National Food Specialties in Miniature


Miniatures are especially wonderful when they showcase regional specialities and customs. Food is a passion for many people, and traditional foods and market stalls deserve a showcase of their own. Enjoy these Thai food scenes submitted by Mimi of Mimiatures and please submit photos of your own special food miniatures.

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A Thai food vendors stall in dolls house scale with a wide range of vegetables, eggs and condiments.Food Made Just For YouBowls and shelves of vegetables on the front side of a Thai food sellers stall.Drawing in the CustomersA dolls house scale Thai hoitod preparation tableEverything You Need to Prepare Hoi TodMiniature Thai food stall in a display case.Favorite Foods On View
A miniature Thai, Nam Kang Sai, or shaved ice stand with numerous ingredients.Food on the Bottom, Ice on the TopBusiness side of a miniature drink stand with a burner for heating coffee, and shelves for supplies.Lots of Space for Varied DisplaysCooler with pop bottles on ice alongside a Thai drink sellers stand in miniature.Expandable BusinessesTiny brass coffee cups and a clear glass with an egg on a Thai drink vendor's stall in miniature.No Detail Too Small
Bottles of syrup and jars of sugar, iced tea and coffee powder on the front of a miniature stall.Everything At HandA collection of fruits and garnishes for a dolls house scale papaya salad.A Dolls House Salad With Green PapayasA dolls house scale platter containing ingredients and sauces for a papaya salad.Mixed in a MortarA platter of vegetables in dolls house scale surrounds a dish of the Thai speciality Nam Prik.Thai National Speciality

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