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Creating Keepsakes and Decorations For a Special Day


This gallery contains miniatures made by readers to celebrate anniversaries and weddings, either their own or that of others. There are lots of opportunities for miniatures at weddings, whether used as favor boxes - like the printable heart shaped boxes or the miniature cottage boxes or as cake decorations, the miniature rose bouquets or custom figures of a bride and groom made from the instructions for miniature dolls and figures.

If you have photos of miniatures you've made for an anniversary or wedding, please submit your photos for inclusion in this gallery.

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Bride and groom hutch in miniature filled with wedding mementos.A Small Way to Remember a Big EventDetails of the bride and groom hutch by Lin of Top Shelf Creations Showing photos and mementos.Equal Time for Both ParticipantsMementos gathered from the wedding and engagement fill the shelves of a miniature armoire.Making Mementos Special Through PersonalizationTop of a personalized miniature wedding armoire keepsake by Lin of Lin's Top Shelf Creations.Show Off Treasured Photos
Miniature photo of the bride in her wedding gown on the front of a miniature keepsake bridal armoireKeeping Pieces TogetherPersonalized mementos including a miniaturized wedding invitation line the shelf of a keepsake hutchReminders of Special OccasionsMiniature white armoire filled with miniature keepsakes for a bride.A Gift For a Special Friend or RelativeWedding photo and keepsake reminders of the wedding on the top shelf of a miniature armoire by LinEach Shelf Full of Special Memories
Treasures on the bottom shelf of a minaiture wedding keepsake.Suggesting TreasuresA recreation of a wedding scene made to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary by Betty Bonney.Shared HistoryMiniature gazebo to commemorate a wedding by B. BonneyReminders of a Special DayMiniature dining room decorated for a fiftieth wedding, by Betty BonneyGolden Memory Box
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