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Simple Shop Front Displays for Tables or Walls


1:12 scale shop front of a French bakery with tables and chairs outside built by Betty Bonney

Boulangerie by Betty Bonney built with instructions by Joann Swanson (Miniature Collector Magazine March 2008)

Photo copyright 2009 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

Betty's Boulangerie takes full advantage of the front display space to draw attention to the window display by using lighter shades of color that brighten up the shop front. A set of two cafe tables like these gives lots of space for expansion of the theme, think of the pastries alone!

In the Fall 2007 Seattle Show Gallery there are a number of other examples of the same basic shop front used for various displays. Instructions for these Joann Swanson Shop fronts are included in the March 2008 Edition of Miniature Collector Magazine. They are remarkably adaptable, and can be used as stand alone displays, or hung on the wall for a street of shops.

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