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Printable Miniature N Scale Village Church and Bungalows


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Printable Miniature N Scale Village Church and Bungalows
A set of printable miniature bungalows and a Church for a traditional dimestore Christmas village.

A group of traditional dimestore style printable miniature bungalows and a church.

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These printable miniature Putz style village bungalows and the village church were designed to give N scale or micro modelers the parts to create a traditional North American Christmas village. The original dimestore houses were often odd groupings of different parts, brought together with trim. Just like the originals, these buildings can be left as stand alone buildings, or parts can be combined to mimic the original 'coconut' and 'glitter' houses they are based on. Parts have been included for a stylized concrete fence, and trees can be found on the extra parts sheet in the section of basic Putz style houses in case you want to make cut out windows or doors to give the houses the full traditional look

For ideas on how to combine these towers with the original house designs, check out the museum pages of Papa Ted's Place, a site devoted entirely to this style of miniature Christmas house.

There are several sets of these buildings available in printable form on this site. Crenellated towers and castles and Basic Houses are two other sets. Basic houses is the place to start if you are not familiar with building small printable buildings and it also contains extra parts for landscaping your village.

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