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Evan Designs Software for Scale Model Buildings in Paper.

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Model Builder Software shown beside two scale paper building interiors.

Model Builder Software helps create paper interiors and exteriors in scales from 1:10 to 1:300

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The Bottom Line

Great software allows the creation of paper, or paper on wood buildings or paper building materials in all scales. This program is aimed at railroad modelers so it has more exterior mid western details, windows and doors than other styles. It does allow the importation of your own photos, so extra detail and colors are possible. I was impressed by the possibilities for smaller scales, and the ability to use your own photos for parts of buildings (you must crop or correct your photos in a drawing or photo program first). This is a great way to build fast buildings, or buildings with local details.


  • Lets you create any scale of paper building, from 1:10 to 1:300
  • Automatically inserts scaled materials, but allows you to re scale to modify the materials.
  • Allows the use of your own cropped digital photos or artwork.
  • 400 plus material samples include siding shingles, new and aged wood, brick, stone, and cornices
  • Materials are mainly American Mid West, but they are basic enough to adapt to other styles.


  • Doesn't allow materials to be cropped or trimmed to an angle or curve, must cut these manually.
  • Doesn't allow custom colors of materials although a good range is included.


  • Model Builder runs on Windows 2000, ME, XP and Vista.
  • Good basic graphics create clear prints for aged and new materials on average inkjet printers.
  • Scales allowed in ratio and mm format which makes setting your scale choice easy.
  • Building line drawing plans can be imported in wmf format.
  • Limited number of ways to create building interiors, but it is possible.
  • Looking forward to the company creating some add on software which allows interiors as detailed as the exteriors!

Guide Review - Evan Designs Software for Scale Model Buildings in Paper.

This is a software program that does what it claims. If you want to create sheets of scaled siding, wood, stone and brick and are comfortable with paper buildings, or buildings covered with ink jet prints, this program will deliver. The range of materials is basic, but wide. Railway modelers will find most standard materials here. Doll house builders, especially those who work in smaller scales will enjoy the option of creating sheets of brick, stone, siding, roofing or wood in several sizes. Wargamers will be able to create a wide assortment of buildings for various battle scenes.

The program allows you to import photos or other jpeg, bitmap and gif files. You can add your own photos of windows, or building details to the basics. Imported graphics will scale, but will not create fills like the supplied program materials.

Using the program is easy. You choose or create a building scale, anything from 1:10 to 1:300, and a new page layout allows you to click on a material, scale it, then use it as a fill by dragging, or by setting the measurements for each piece of material. Each sample opens to scale in the window, but if you want a larger brick or a wider plank of wood, you can rescale the sample to your chosen size, then change over and use that new size as a fill. The measurements settings mean that gamers who want inner destroyed shells for their outer untouched buildings, can create identical sets that nest together easily.

You can import line drawings to act as cutting and filling guides for sections of buildings. This means that you can design a foldable building in a drawing program, then import the line drawing and create material fills for the various sections of the drawing. This is handy for people who like using glue tabs and forget to cut them out free form if they aren't in place as a fold and cut diagram.

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