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Miniature Scale Buildings

These scale miniature buildings are used for wargaming, railroads and other scenic modeling, Christmas villages, and dolls' houses. They can be built of many different materials in different sizes and scales.

Encouraging Creativity With Mixed Media Art Houses
Review of ARTchix studios cardboard dream houses kits

Make Domes for Scale Miniature and Model Buildings
Make Domes for Scale Miniature and Model Buildings

Golden Molding Paste - Stucco and Plaster Effects for Models and Dollhouses
Review of Golden Light Molding Paste acrylic artist's medium for use as stucco or plaster ground for model buildings and dolls houses.

Make Simple Domed Buildings from Foam, Paper and Paper Clay in Many Scales
Domed buildings are relatively easy to make using these instructions. Make them for small scale scenes for nativities, Bethlehem scenes, or middle eastern game terrain settings.

Printable Miniature N Scale Village Church and Bungalows
Printable miniature dime store style church and bungalows for a miniature town, railway village, Christmas village, or Christmas tree decorations

Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture Molds
A review of the silicone scale building block molds produced by Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture Inc.

Tiny Printable Buildings in Realistic or Fantasy Styles.
Range of free printable miniature buildings that can be used by railroaders, dolls house builders, or anyone who wants small buildings for a children's toy town, a Christmas scene or for decorations. The buildings range in size between 1:144 and 1:160 or N scale.

Make Printable Miniature Glitter Houses with Mansard Roofs
These free printable buildings have parts you can combine to make a range of styles in 1:144 scale. They co-ordinate with the other haunted village printables

Scale Miniature Pebble Dash and 'Flint' or Pebble Finishes for Model...
Scale Miniature Pebble Dash and 'Flint' or Pebble Finishes for Model Buildings and Dolls House Exteriors

Top Free Printable Scale Buildings
Printable buildings are available in many scales, from 1:24 or G scale for dolls houses and railway buildings, to smaller scales for railroads and gaming terrains. The buildings on this list are a wide range of styles, scales and difficulties. Some are copies of famous buildings, others are quickly made decorations for sets.

Make a Printable Miniature Castle for Halloween or Christmas Villages
Make a castle with two towers in a range of styles to suit your miniature village.

Printable Stone Towers and Cottages For a Glitter Village
Make 1:144 scale printable miniature 'stone' towers and cottages for gaming terrains and N scale railroads.

Dolls House Miniature Scales - Common Scales for Dollhouses
Dolls House Miniatures are available in a range of standardized scales, which vary in popularity and differ in the type and amounts of accessories and types of details. While some are popular for collectors of artisan miniatures, others are more useful for children's play, or families who share a range of hobbies.

Evan Designs Software for Scale Model Buildings in Paper.
Easy to use Model Builder Software from Evan Designs allows modellers to design and print their own paper buildings or paper building materials in scales from 1:10 to 1:300.

Village Details From Lewes England
Photos of buildings from Lewes England which show details useful for modellers and dollhouse builders.

Mansard Roofs For Dollhouses, Model Buildings and Haunted Houses
Photos of mansard roofs, especially from the second empire building period from 1855 - 1885 and why are they associated with elegant French buildings as well as haunted houses.

Build a Range of Model Towers From Simple Materials
These model towers are easy to build in a range of sizes and finishes. I've used simple recycled materials covered with air dry clay for the quarter scale example tower in this tutorial

Corrugated Iron Buildings - Early Prefab Housing for the Gold Rush
Moody Gosset House is a corrugated iron house shipped from England to British Columbia in 1859. These corrugated iron buildings were popular colonial and frontier gold rush structures but very few of them remain.

Collectible Scale Buildings From The Miniature Building Authority
These collectible scale buildings from the Miniature Building Authority are designed for gaming situations with removable roofs and floors. They also make great buildings for scale scenes, Christmas villages, or model railway sets in O or S scale.

Printable Miniature Towns and Villages
The All Gauge Model Railroading Site has a large number of free files of simple buildings designed to be made of paper in several scales. You can create an entire town or Christmas village from these files.

Printable Miniature Japanese Roomboxes
Paper Museum,a free printable site in Japan, has a series of Japanese rooms avaiable in pdf (acrobat reader ) format. To print these you will need a Japanese language script installed on your computer.

Paper Toys - Paper Cut-Outs - Custom Paper Models at PaperToys.com
Free paper buildings and toys in pdf format which can be scaled for various sizes.

Howard Models - Architectural Building Models -Cast Pewter Buildings
Architectural Modeling firm who also create cast pewter miniature building replicas.

Paper Landmarks - Scale Buildings from Paper
Paper landmarks scale buildings you assemble from paper.

Build Your Own Illinois Main Street
A set of free detailed printable storefronts in HO scale.

The Miniature Builder : The free online magazine
A free online publication about creating miniature buildings in many different scales.

Gene Gill's Scale Model Buildings
Gene Gill Creates scale models of famous buildings. His site shows the steps and process involved.

DownTown Deco - Scale Miniature Buildings
N,HO and O scale fine cast model buildings be sure check out their gallery for some amazing scenery work.

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