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Miniature Projects and Tutorials for Dolls Houses, Models, Railroads & More


Scale miniature projects / tutorials and displays for dolls houses, models, railroads and other miniatures. This list contains some of the many projects on the miniatures site. For others, check the home page topic lists on the left margin. Even more projects can be found listed under each particular topic, including dollhouse projects, scale miniature projects, projects for vehicle collections and model horses.
  1. Miniature Projects In Many Scales
  2. Plan a Display
  3. Build a Display
  4. Materials and Tools for Miniatures and Scale Models
  1. Maintain a Collection
  2. Reference Galleries
  3. Your Shows and Projects

Miniature Projects In Many Scales

Miniature mouse and Calico Critter outside a simple house made from recycled materials.

You can build original, high quality miniatures to add to your collection. All kinds of projects in all sizes and scales.

Plan a Display

Main items assembled for the planning stages of a miniature display

Proper planning can take an average collection to a much higher level. Get those collectibles out of the cupboard and on display where you can enjoy (and protect) them.

Build a Display

Miniature rustic mountain cabin with a front porch in dollhouse scale

Create customized displays that suit your collection. Every miniature deserves to be showcased instead of stored.

Materials and Tools for Miniatures and Scale Models

Scale 'fish food' on the water surface makes this simple dollhouse pond extremely realistic.

These basic materials are used for a wide range of miniature and modelling projects. You can make miniatures with a minimum of tools and materials, then add to your toolkit or materials stash as needed.

Maintain a Collection

Cleaning Miniature Dollhouse Plants

Build and keep records that will improve the value of your collection. In case of accidents you may want to hang onto both the records and the information about repairs!

Reference Galleries

A shuttered market cart at Covent Garden in London.

Find your next project in the photo galleries. Lots of unusual buildings and items to use as a reference.

Your Shows and Projects

A miniature travelling sales wagon laden with baskets and dry goods.

Galleries for you to show off your creativity. Please submit photos using the photo submission guidelines linked below.

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