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Miniature Tadpoles in a Jar - 1:12 Dolls House Scale Tadpoles in Epoxy Resin


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Pour the First Layer of Epoxy Resin for Pond Water
Carefully measure equal amounts of epoxy resin and hardener

Carefully Measure Equal Amounts of Epoxy Resin and Hardener

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Carefully measure out equal small amounts of your epoxy resin and the hardener into disposable plastic measuring cups according to the package instructions. Mix following instructions using the stirring stick to scrape down the side of the plastic mixing cups. Make sure you stir the mixture thoroughly to make sure it will set up correctly.

Set the resin mixture aside to allow bubbles to rise. Exhale over the mixture to add CO2 to help pop any bubbles which rise to the surface.

Place a tiny piece of reindeer moss or polymer clay greenery in the dolls house scale jar to represent pond weeds. Use a small amount as too much greenery will hide your tadpoles.

When your epoxy has very few bubbles, pour or drip some off of the mixture over the greenery in your jar. Stop when your layer of epoxy is less than ¼ inch deep. Set aside to harden. Exhale gently over the resin in the jar a few times while it is hardening to help reduce any bubbles trapped in the greenery. Your miniature jar will be 1/3 to ½ full of resin. Set the jar aside for up to two hours to allow the resin to begin to thicken.

Clean up any spills of liquid epoxy resin on your jar, or on work surfaces or tools using alcohol on a paper towel. Once the resin has hardened it will need to be sanded off so it is much better to clean it up before it hardens!

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