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Miniature Tadpoles in a Jar - 1:12 Dolls House Scale Tadpoles in Epoxy Resin


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Introduction to Making a Miniature Jar Full of Tadpoles in Dolls House Scale
tadpoles in a jar

Epoxy Resin is Good for all Kinds of Miniature Liquids.

Photo © 2007 Lesley Shepherd

This is a project to introduce beginners to using epoxy resin in scale miniature and dolls house projects. The tadpoles need to be set at various layers in the jar. If you would rather have pickles in a jar than tadpoles, follow the same steps but substitute polymer clay vegetable miniatures for the tadpoles. On the other hand,a jar of tadpoles are easy, fun, and suit the theme of the cabin front porch display scene (which now seems to have a young naturalist in residence). These instructions are written for 1:12 scale, but can be adapted to smaller or larger scales.

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