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Make Dolls House Scale Miniature Paper Roses


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Make the Centers of the Miniature Paper Roses
Shaping individual heart shaped paper petals into the centre of a rose.

Steps in making a dolls house miniature rose from heart shaped paper petals

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Begin making miniature paper roses by making the centers.

Prepare the Wires Cut your paper wrapped wire into the length you want for your rose stems. For most arrangements two inches (5 cm) is plenty.

Begin to Shape the Rose Centers Dip the tip of your wire in some PVA Glue and wrap the first petal around the tip. You want to make a coil around the wire, and leave a curved edge free to roll down the outside of the wire. If the side of your heart isn't curved down the edge like the example, use your tweezers to coax the straight edge of the heart into a curve down the wire. See the first example in the photo. It is easiest to do all your rose centers before you add extra petals.

Add the Second Petal to the Rose Center Take a second petal and dip the pointed tip into your glue, or put glue on the front point of the petal. Place the second petal slight further around the wire than the first petal, so that the curved back section of the petal falls behind the first petal on the wire. This means your petal will be a little further clockwise around the wire than your first petal was. Wrap it a bit looser than the first petal. Do the same with the third petal to finish the center.

Add the Outer Rose Petals Continue to add more petals to your rose, this time making sure the tops of the petals curve over. You no longer need the side edge to roll as it did for the center petals. Overlap each petal by 1/3 to ½ as you add in new petals, always working in a clockwise direction, to give your roses a realistic furl to their petals. Pinch each petal gently as you glue it at the base to cup it around the center of the rose. Do not glue the petals anywhere except at the tip. The center petals should be placed slightly higher on the wire than the petals you add later unless you want to create cup shaped roses with a lower more open center.

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