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Make Dolls House Scale Miniature Paper Roses


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Prepare the Miniature Rose Petals
Using the end of an embossing stylus to curve heart shaped petals for a dolls house miniature rose.

Miniature dolls house rose petals shaped using an embossing stylus.

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Prepare the Paper Use a watercolor brush to paint both sides of your paper, one side at a time in the color you have chosen for your miniature rose flowers. Don't make the wash too even, you want some lighter and darker areas to add depth to your petals. Allow the first side to dry before you coat the reverse side. To make your petals even more realistic, make the second side darker or lighter than the first side.

Punch Out the Petals When your paper is dry, punch heart shaped petals from the paper. As you shape many sides of the petals you don't need to worry about the grain of the paper for these flowers. You will need three petals for the centre of each rose, or rosebud, and a total of up to ten petals for each fully opened rose. If your paper punch gets dull, punch it through a piece of aluminum foil to reset the cutting edge. If your hearts don't punch easily out of your chosen paper, put your colored paper behind a sheet of ordinary bond paper and punch the two sheets of paper together.

Shape the Flower Petals Lay three petals on an eraser or foam mouse pad with the pale side down, and use the finest end of an embossing tool, or an empty ball point pen, to run a line around the right side of the heart, curling the edge of the paper towards you. Push out the centre of the heart lobe with the larger end of the embossing tool. Turn the petals over and run the embossing tool along the right edge of the other side of the heart and push out the centre of the lobe. Flip the petal back to the pale side and use the embossing tool to press down on the tip of the heart to make the petal sit up. Make three petals for this way for the center of each rose. Shape the other petals by pushing down on the dark side of the petal in the center of each lobe, then flipping the petal over and pressing down into the tip of the heart.

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