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Make Dolls House Scale Miniature Paper Roses


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Introduction to Making Dolls House Scale Miniature Paper Roses
Dolls house miniature roses made from paper in a glass vase by Glasscraft UK.

Make dolls house miniature roses from paper

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Dollhouse miniature paper roses are fairly easy to make in several scales and can be used as decorations for party or wedding favors, as flowers for dolls house flower arrangements, for plants for miniature displays, or to decorate other miniatures including model horse jumps, and winners wreaths for car scenes. The techniques take a little practice, so don't expect miracles from the first few roses you attempt. Once you can make the rose centers, it will be fairly easy to make realistic roses.

These little roses look most realistic if you hand paint a lightweight paper to create the petals and leaves. Good quality water color paints are best as they allow for shading, and can be brushed out to cover the edges of the paper after it is punched. If possible use airmail paper, which will drape more easily into the flower petal shapes. Avoid using heavy crinkled papers. These are much too out of scale to make a realistic rose.

If you can find suitable sized punches, you can make these roses in several scales. Using the same techniques I make climbing roses, rose bushes and arrangements for ¼ scale (1:48 scale) dolls houses and railroad scenes. Specialist punches are available from several suppliers. If your club wish to make roses as a group project, you may want to suggest the club to invest in a ticket punch to create the heart shaped petals. Heavy metal ticket punches are available from several suppliers and are much easier to use than lightweight stationary or craft punches. The investment in a heavier quality punch is worth the expense if several people will be making roses or other flowers that use heart shapes.

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